T7 Stage - Mishima Dojo

Mishima Dojo is a stage in Tekken 7. It is a training dojo and a Buddhist shrine owned by the Mishima family with wooden floors and several statues adorning the sides. Knocking someone hard against the walls on this stage can cause the statues to collapse. Kazumi Mishima is seen in some trailers praying to the giant Buddha in the middle of the altar.

In the original Tekken 7, a spotlight (possibly from a helicopter flying overhead or the sunlight) surveys the area inside the dojo but this feature of the stage was removed in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. In Fated Retribution, the stage appears less illuminated and as though the battle is taking place in the dead of night.

Background Music

Tekken 7 Soundtrack - Mishima's Dojo

Tekken 7 Soundtrack - Mishima's Dojo


  • This stage shares aspects with Hall of Judgement from Tekken Tag Tournament 2, being that both stages contain statues of Buddha heads.
  • It also shares design elements in common with Hon-Maru from Tekken 4, again referencing the Buddhist imagery and general aesthetic of the stage.
  • The confrontation between Heihachi and Akuma as well as they fought the Jack-6's takes place in this stage.
  • Leo & Yoshimitsu's endings take place in this stage.
  • Asuka and Kuma's Character Episode prologues takes place in this stage, however the stage looked more lighted and there is no open wall in the stage.
  • In Treasure Battle, Jin will always be fought in this stage if the player faces him in a special match.
  • When the player plays Arcade Mode, this stage is always the 4th stage, and the character who is always fought in this stage is Heihachi.