Azazel and Lars fighting in Mishima Estate.

Mishima Estate is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign.

Heihachi Mishima is fought as a boss here.

This is also the stage where Lars Alexandersson learns about his past and about Heihachi Mishima.

Trophy/achievement: It's All Coming Back to Me.


  • Business Men
  • Business Women (blonde and brown hair)
  • Claw Robots
  • Red Armored Guys
  • Regular Ninjas
  • Alien (only seen taking the left path, more than one aliens are seen in the online co-op version)
  • G Corporation soldiers (online co-op only)
  • Tekken Force soldiers (online co-op only)
  • Combot Guards (online co-op only)

Alisa's Journal

"Heihachi Mishima is, in fact, Lars' father. The reunion was unlike the idealistic images conveyed in popular media, but the trauma of fighting against his own father reinstated Lars' memory. We now have both the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation to face, extending our time for the mission".


Mishima Estate SFXTK

Mishima Estate, as seen in Street Fighter X Tekken.

  • This stage is also available in Street Fighter X Tekken as a multi-tiered stage. The first round has combatants fight on the rooftops, and in the second round, the combatants will battle at the balcony. If the fight reaches to its final round, the combatants will fight on the estate's grounds.
  • Lars is the only Tekken 6 fighter in this game to not be featured as a boss, a fighting partner later in stages (i.e. Lei and Zafina), or being rescued in some way (i.e. Julia). However, in the Tekken 6 Co-op version of this stage, he is fought as a boss after Heihachi is first.
  • Kunimitsu makes a cameo appearance in the background of this stage.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, Mishima Estate is one of two stages (other being Urban War Zone) taken from Tekken 6.