Mishima Polytechnic is a stage in the Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign mode.

Panda is fought as a sub-boss and Ling Xiaoyu is fought as a boss here.

When about 3/4 of her first health bar is depleted, Panda along with a few female enemies will show up and begin attacking.

About halfway through the stage, Ling Xiaoyu will dash out and confront the playable character for battle. There will not be any conversations with her.


  • Business Women (Blonde only)
  • Girl with hair down (Both Brown and Blonde)
  • Girl with Ponytail (Brown Only)
  • Alien

Technique to Attacking

If the player wants to defeat Xiaoyu the first time, they will have to constantly attack her, as given any opportunity, she will flee. This task is made even more difficult by Panda and the female enemies. The main purpose of the Lead Pipe found earlier is so that the player can constantly attack her with it and continuously floor her. It would be best if they lured her away from Panda first, and allow their partner to take care of Panda and the female enemies.

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