Mishima central tower

Inside Mishima Central Tower.

Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode.

Nina, Jin and Alisa are fought against here.

The first part takes place in the elevator where NANCY-MI847J is normally fought in Arcade Mode, but instead of dealing with NANCY directly, one will have to deal with a group of Tekken Force soldiers before the elevator stops, where they will have to defeat Nina for the second time.

The second part takes place at the Gargoyle's Perch stage, which is also the Mishima Zaibatsu's base of operations. They will face Jin in this part and once defeated, will have Alisa turn on them and attack. She must be defeated to end this stage, but be weary of Tekken Force soldiers that may come to her aid.

Trophy/achievement: The Destroyer Has Fallen.

The player gets the trophy when Jin is defeated.


  • Tekken Force (Red, Blue, Green and White)
  • Red armored guys (only seen fighting the third boss)