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Mr. Kliesen is an minor character in the Tekken series and the father of Leo Kliesen. He only appears in Leo's prologue in Tekken 6/Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

According to Leo's ending, Mr. Kliesen could still be alive. He is said to have gone missing on a journey when Leo was still a child, but his daughter vowed to be just like him.


  • Mr. Kliesen seems to be based on Indiana Jones.
    • Both wear fedoras, wield pistols and bullwhips and are seen running from boulders, referencing a similiar event in Raiders of The Lost Ark, which was the first movie that Harrison Ford starred in as Indiana Jones.
    • Mr. Kliesen also saves Leo from falling through a wooden bridge similar to Short Round from The Temple of Doom, the second Indiana Jones film.

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