The opponent is hammered into the ground, caused by Heihachi's Muso Tettsui.

Muso Tettsui
, also known as Destiny Hammer is a move introduced to Heihachi Mishima on his appearance in Tekken 6. This move has another version called Double Palm Strike.


The command input for this move is d/f+1,2. During the animation of this move, Heihachi will hit the opponent's face with a quick left uppercut, then instantly send the opponent bouncing on the ground with a devastating right hammer punch.

When to use

Heihachi is known to all players as a character with a tremendous amount of pressure tools and solid poking strings, and this move is one of the reasons why. The Muso Tettsui is a staple tool for Heihachi due to fact that this move can send the oppoent in a bound state on hit, put pressure on the opponent's defense when mixing up with the other version of this move, wall-splats the opponent, and can be delayed for some time, further implying mind games to the player's advantage.

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