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200px-Mystical Forest - Tekken 6

Mystical Forest is a stage in Tekken 6. The characters fight in a forest pond with trees surrounding the area. The walls are the actual trees in the stage. A small fish can be seen swimming in the pond.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "Edge of Spring".

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Mystical Forest04:21

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Mystical Forest


  • This stage is similar to the Tekken 4 stage, Jungle (despite the size difference and the fact that fighting cannot take place outside the pond).
  • The stage BGM has similar elements to those of Waterfall's and Meteor Shower's.
  • This stage and Fiesta Del Tomate are the only stages that can't be used as a main stage on the main menu.

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