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Nathan Jones is an Australian actor and former professional wrestler who portrayed Craig Marduk in the 2010 live-action Tekken film.

Other Roles

Jones is best known as a Hitman in Jackie Chan's First Strike starring Jackie Chan, Boagrius in Troy starring Brad Pitt, T.K. in The Protector starring Tony Jaa, Hercules O'Brien in Jet Li's Fearless starring Jet Li and Petr Raudsep in The Condemned starring Stone Cold Steve Austin.


  • Won The Scottish Highland games.
  • In April 7, 2002, he won the WWA Heavyweight Title.
  • On December 6, 2003, he apparently decided to "quit" the business during a Smackdown! tour of Asia & Australia.
  • He was enrolled in the WWF training school but didn't work out due to green-card issues. He later received several try-out matches with the WWE before joining them on live event cards and dark matches.
  • He later joined the WWE Smackdown brand and made his first appearance on Febuary 20, 2003. He was scheduled for tag team with the Undertaker against Big Show and A-Train at Wrestlemania 19, however the WWE thought he was still a little bit too green to wrestle on such a big card.
  • Showed promise as a WWE Wrestler (2001-2003) until he quit, due to an exhausting touring schedule.
  • Fought in Pride FC's first event only to lose by a quick submission to a sumo wrestler.
  • He is a former player of the rugby league team Brisbane Norths, and would wear the largest sized jersey available.
  • Met boxer Jeff Fenech to gauge his talent as a boxer.
  • Previous Managers include Rove McManus, Paul Heyman.
  • Injured his arm after being side-swiped by a cement truck in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2008. He suffered nerve damage to his arm and was sidelined from wrestling for three months.

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