Scenario-Campaign Nightmare train location on map

Nightmare Train located on the map.

Nightmare Train is a Scenario Campaign stage in Tekken 6. In this stage, the player (alongside either Alisa or Lars) must traverse the length of the train, fighting various powerful demonic enemies along the way, before reaching the boss character. The player can be thrown outside the train, as well as the enemies - if the player gets thrown onto the rails, they will fail the mission. The Nightmare Train is widely regarded to be the hardest Scenario Campaign level. The final boss here is Devil Jin.


  • Gargoyles
  • Demons


By completing this stage, the player will get the following unlockables:

  • Unlock character: Devil Jin
  • Get trophy: What a Nightmare.

Stage Music

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Nightmare Train03:05

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Nightmare Train

The stage BGM

Guide Tutorial 

Tekken 6 - Nightmare Train (Hard) Guide Tutorial05:04

Tekken 6 - Nightmare Train (Hard) Guide Tutorial

Walkthrough on Hard difficulty

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