List of quotes for Nina Williams.

Intro and Quotes

Intro Win
Time to die! You must be joking!
Come on baby, show me what you've got. What a nuisance.
Finished all ready? Please...
It was nothing, goodbye.
I don't play with amateurs.
Isn't it past your bedtime?

Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign only)

Before fights
Stop trying to get close to Jin, or else (to Xiaoyu).
It is my job to protect Jin Kazama. And i'm very good at it (as a CPU only).

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

You've got a date with death.
Feel free to sit this one out.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pre-Fight Win
Well, shall we begin? Pathetic!
Do we have to take them alive? Another pawn off the board

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Intro Win
Going somewhere? What's done is done.
Time to die. Goodbye.
This should be fun. Isn't it past your bedtime?
Step aside.*

* Nina only says this quote in her Character Episode.

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