Nina Williams/Tekken 2 Movelist is a list of all of the moves that Nina Williams can perform in Tekken 2.

Special Moves

Blonde Bomb-f,f,1+2 or f+1+2

Flash Kicks-d/f+3,3,3,4

Triple Smash-1,2,3 or 4

Rib Kick-d/f+3

Two kicks, Uppercut-4,3,2

Jamming Combo-4,3,4

Jamming Combo Low-4,3,d+4

Jail Crusher-1,2,d+3,4

Creeping Snake-d/f+3,2,1,4

Two High Kicks-3,4

PK Combo-2,3

PK Combo Low-2,d+3

Double Smash-2,4

Right Backhand Body Blow-B or b+2

Left Backhand Body Blow-B or b+1

Spike combo and right uppercut-3,3,2

Spike Combo and right kick-3,3,4

Lowkick, Chop-d or D+4,1

Frozen Kick-d+1,4

Lowkick, Highkick-d+3,4

Lowkick, Uppercut-d+3,2

Sweep, Lowkick-d+3,4

Geyser Cannon Combo-d/b+4,3

Can Opener-u/f+4,3,4

Two Punches, Jumping Kick-d/f+1,2,u/f+3

Two Punches, LK Uppercut-d/f+1,2,d+3,2

Bermuda Triangle-1 or d/f+1,2,4

Assault Bomb-d/f+3,1,2,F+1+2

Windmill Kick Combo-d/f+3,2,u+3

Head Ringer-3,4

Flash Combo-d/f+3,1,2

Rapid Kick Combo-d/f+3,3,3(then 1,2,3 or 4)

Swan Combo-1,d/f+3,2

Swan Combo 2-2,d/f+3,1,2,4

Alternating Swan Combo-d/f+3,1,d+3,1

Forward Flip Kick-f,f,4

Toe Kick-D or d+2,4

Biting Snake-1 or d/f+1,2,14

Multi Arts

A: QCF,1+2-Backhand slap

After A,B1: 1,3,2,1-Arm Break

After A,B2: 2,3,4,2,2-Knee, Neck break

After A,B3: 3,4,3,1+2-Rolling Arm Bar

After B1,C: 2,1,3,4,1+2-Falling arm break

After B2,C: 1,3+4,1,2,1+2-Falling Neck Break

A: 2+4-Over the Shoulder Throw

After A,B: 1,2,1,2,1,3-Arm Break

A: QCF,3+4,3+4-Crab Grab

From A, B1: 4,2,1+2-Extended Ankle Break

From A, B2: 3,4,1+2-Rolling Arm Bar

From B1, C1: 3,1,4,2+4-Leg Break

From B1, C2: 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2-Double Leg Break


Arm Turn-1+3

Neck Throw-F+1+3

Elbow Strike-d/f,d/f+1

Over the shoulder Throw-2+4

Three-limb Break-behind opponent-either

Counter Attack-When Attacked-B or b+1+4 or 2+3

  • Can counter Yoshimitsu's unblockables

Unblockable Moves

Hunting Swan-d/b+1+2 (Tap u,u to cancel)

Stringed Combos







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