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Ningishzida, called Hrunting (フルンティング/Furuntingu) in Japan, is a move used by Zafina. Its input is d+1,1. The attack will knock the opponent back and down.


  • Ningishzida was a Sumerian underworld divinity also associated with protecting the palace of Anu, and an ancestor of Gilgamesh. He was portrayed as a serpent with a human face.
  • In Anglo-Saxon legends, Hrunting was a fabled sword entrusted to Beowulf for use against Grendel's mother. However, because she was a close descendant of Cain, and thus had a great measure of his unhallowed blood, she was immune to all mortal-made weapons, even Hrunting. Thus, God sent Beowulf an angelic blade in the middle of the battle, which could (and did) kill the ogress.

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