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Noctis Lucis Caelum (ノクティス・ルシス・チェラム Nokutisu Rushisu Cheramu?) is the main character of Final Fantasy XV and serves as the representative of the Final Fantasy series as the third DLC character in Tekken 7 and was first revealed during the 2017 Tekken World Tour finals.

Noctis was released on March 20, 2018.




Noctis is a young man with spiky black hair and blue eyes that can glow red.


Noctis wears a black jacket with skull-motif buttons and sequenced details on the pockets. He keeps it unzipped, and the tag on the zipper also has a small skull. Underneath, he wears a steel gray shirt with skull prints. Noctis wears black cropped trousers and black buckled boots with red soles. He also wears a black motorcycle glovelet on his left hand.

Noctis has the fewest customizations than the other characters including fellow guest characters Akuma and Geese. Most of his customizations are in full body set and his customizations are his alternate outfits from his main appearance in Final Fantasy XV which are his formal suits in a royal motif and a royal outfit used in the main ending. His exclusive customization is a casual outfit; a yellow short sleeved shirt with both a chocobo and a mog emblazoned on the front shirt and a sign of "Moogle Mocoro Carnival" at the front and back and a full face of mog at the right side on the front of his loose shirt, black jeans and yellow and white sneakers. Noctis also wears a chocobo cap with a mog signal on its head.


Tekken 7

Noctis's trailer has him being asked to complete a task by Lars. Lars mentions that he has found an ideal location, but it is already occupied by someone else. As such, it is up to Noctis to clear the area himself.

After securing the place, Lars arrives, and it is revealed that their true purpose was a small fishing trip. While Noctis is able to snag a fish, Lars sneezes, startling Noctis and causing the fish to escape. After this, Lars apologizes for the mistake.


TEKKEN 7 - Noctis Lucis Caelum Reveal Trailer - PS4, XB1, PC

TEKKEN 7 - Noctis Lucis Caelum Reveal Trailer - PS4, XB1, PC

Noctis retains his moves from the Final Fantasy XV main games, and his fighting style references his playable appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. He can summon a variety of weapons to aid him in combat, his signature Engine Blade being his primary weapon in all of his special attacks and combos. He also casts Fire magic to deal damage. His Rage Art is based on his Limit Break Armiger, in which he can summon all of his various weapons to damage his opponent with multiple slashes of his swords before he impales his opponent with an axe to deal heavy damage, finishing the move. His sword style is comparable to Yoshimitsu's; the two also share similar base move sets.

Noctis’ movelist is very unique than the rest of the cast, he’s a Tekken-style character who happens to have meter-style characters’ jump-in attacks.

Noctis is a simple defensive character which has a gameplay which focuses on punishment and keepout. As he has huge range on most of his attacks. This is due to the weaponry he wields. For this reason, he operates best in mid to long range combat. As he can hit the opponent with his long-range moves. While they most likely cannot reach him. Making his keep out and interrupting his opponent's approach very effective.

He mostly relies on punishment to inflict damage on his opponent. Whether that be whiff punishment or block punishment. In both areas he excels greatly. As f+2 is the probably the best whiff punisher in Tekken history. As it can punish moves which are normally safe to whiff such as keep out moves from arcoss the stage. His block punishment overall is very good. However, he lacks range on his jabs. He more than makes up for this at i15 from standing. As he gains access to df2 which has huge range. It can launch punish moves which are generally abused or considered to be safer than they actually are due to push back. Such as Hehachi's and Kuma's ff+2 and Paul's Demolition Man.

Up close he is somewhat lacking. As he doesn't have a diverse set of viable pokes, strings and command throws for 1 and 2 breaks. Instead he relies mostly on jabs, d/f+1 and u/f+2 an i14 high CH launcher. The pokes he does have are safe but very disadvantageous on block. However due to his unchickenable reversal and punch parry he can steal the opponents turn to attack.

He is extremely threatening at point blank range, similar to Paul. This is due to his 50/50. Between his Maelstrom. A damaging unseeable low which knockdowns, wallsplats and even floor breaks. And mid of your choice such as uf3.

The combination of his long ranged moves, block punishers and whiff punishers as well as his threatening close range 50/50 make him dangerous to approach and dangerous up close when he has the upper hand.


Intro Win
The hunt is on! Hey, Prompto. Guess who just pulled a 5-star character. Sure, we can battle-but get ready to lose.
I'm going all out! If I didn't know better, I'd say he's following me...
Ugh. Can't you see I'm busy here? Gladio! I just found the BEST fishing spot. ...What? No, I'm not overselling it. It's amazing!
Keep it to yourself, Lars. (vs. Lars) Hey, Ignis! What's for dinner? Barbeque? Alright!

So this is the beast? (vs. Kuma)

Well, I'm off to go hook me a whooper!
Rage Art

Playtime's over! And now... the end! Easy!

Character Relationships

Lars Alexandersson - Lars became acquainted with Noctis during his DLC reveal trailer and he convinces him to take down his enemies while he became conflict to do this on his own. In the end of the trailer however, he and Lars are fishing at the Jungle Outpost (non-canon) [2].


  • Noctis’ most well-known incarnation in most medias is his younger-self, which is 10 years before the final fight against Ardyn Izunia.
  • Noctis is the second guest character to be a protagonist, other being Gon. He is also the only guest protagonist in Tekken 7, as most of the guest characters there are mostly either villains, anti-heroes or anti-villains.
  • Noctis' fighting style is based on that of Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) in his playable appearance on the PlayStation fighting game, Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring as both men fight bare-handed and use swords as their main weapons to slash their opponents. In Noctis' case, he can summon his sword as part of his special attacks and combo and has a fighting style of his own.
    • Noctis is also the second Final Fantasy character to become playable in non-Square Enix fighting games after Cloud, who had a guest appearance in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Said game also featured a crossover with Tekken, as Heihachi Mishima appeared as the basis for an outfit for the Mii Fighters to wear.
    • Ironically enough, both games were developed by teams and developers owned by Bandai Namco (Serve as co-producer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS)
  • The way he pulls off his sword combo on his opponents with his Engine Blade resembles the special moves used by Devil May Cry's Dante in his crossover appearances in Marvel VS Capcom 3 and its updates and Marvel VS Capcom Infinite.
  • While he is more of a weapon user, his overarching themes from his game of origin have him portrayed similarly to that of a messianic figure such as Buddha or Jesus Christ; unlike much of Final Fantasy where there is the choice of hand to hand fighting through Monk classes and characters who specialize in the martial arts, his game has little to much of any hand to hand fighting, be it realistic or the fantastical. This may allude to times prior to the coming of such messianic figures, as it is believed that Buddhism and Christianity helped further establish the tenets of mercy, fairness, and spiritual development, which in turn inspired schools of martial arts to have internal aspects regarding the mental and the spiritual. A parallel may be made with Luke fon Fabre of Tales of the Abyss.
  • The way Noctis attacks with various weaponry as his special attacks and during activation of his Armiger Rage Art is similar to the way in which Firion (Final Fantasy II) executes his special attacks and his Fervid Blazer EX Burst in Dissidia Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.
  • Most of Noctis' voice clips are reused from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.
  • When Noctis summons his Engine Blade to use all of his special attacks and combos to slash his opponents is similar to Dominia in the game, Xenogears and Relius Clover in the BlazBlue series when he summons his puppet wife, Ignis to attack his opponents.
  • Noctis is the only guest character to be deceased in his original universe.
  • His fighting stance is similar to the one of Lars Alexandersson
    • Some of his borrowed moves are from Lars' special moves such as his Double Action, Multiplied Force and his Lightning Screw that loosely resembles Heihachi's Hell Axle.
    • Some of his win animations involves him talking to his cellphone that resembles an Iphone imitating some of Lars' win poses that involves him talking to his mobile phone. But Noctis has the longest win quote when he performed this pose.
  • Noctis is the first Square Enix character to be featured under the Bandai-Namco banner.
  • Noctis shares one of his win poses with Yoshimitsu.
  • There is a Final Fantasy-related easter egg when Noctis does a combo that takes away a whole life bar. It will cause the damage of the last hit to do 9999 damage, and the entire combo will do 999 damage.[3]
    • However, this also causes a bug against Akuma, Eliza and Geese, that fills their entire power gauges after getting KO-ed by Noctis' Rage Art, allowing them to start the next round with a full meter.


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