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Below is a list of Ogre's Tekken 3 movelist containing various throws, moves and unblockables.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Body SlamJack-2 1+3 front 30 1
Bear HugKuma 2+4 front 10,25 2
Waning MoonWang d/f,d/f+2+4 front 30 none
Choke SlamKuma (1+3_2+4) left 10,15,25 1
Rag DollJack-2 (1+3_2+4) right 40 2
Bear SwingKuma (1+3_2+4) back 70 none


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Power PunchWang f+2 28 m KND
Double ElbowBruce d/f+1,2 16,10 mm
Foot BazookaLee h KND
Spinning Slide KickLee f,f,N,3+4 15 L KND
Shin to Head KickLee WC+4,N,4 lh 7,20
Blazing KickLee d,d/b+4 m 30 KND, JG (CH only)
Infinity Kick ComboLee1 WS+3,3,d+3,3... Mmlm... 10,25,15,10...
Infinity Kick Combo 2Lee1 WS+3,3,d/f+3,3... Mmmm... 10,25,15,10...
From 1 Low VariationLee D+3,3... 10,10... lm...
From 1 High VariationLee U+3,3... 15,10... lm...
Crouching JabAnna FC,d/f+2 25 l KND
SlapAnna FC,f+2 40 m
Groin PunchAnna FC,f+1 30 m KND
Hammer HeelBaek f,f,N,4 20 M KND
Snake KickBaek FC+3,3,3 12,19,25 LLL
Demented SnakeBaek FC+3,3,N,3 12,19,7 LLm JG
Hunting HawkBaek u/f+3,4,3 15,14,25 mmh KND
ExploderArmor King f,f+3+4 40 h KND
Shoulder TackleArmor King f+1+4 30 m
Capital PunishmentArmor King u/f+1+2 35 m KND
Jump to Double KnuckleArmor King u_u/f,N,1+2 35 m KND
Flash Punch ComboKazuya 1,1,2 5,8,15 hhm KND #1
Demon SlayerKazuya 1,2,2 5,15,18 hhh #1
Demon Slayer 2Kazuya 2,2 12,21 hh
Heavy Body BlowKazuya WS+2 25 m KND (clean hit only)
Left Splits KickKazuya f,f+3 23 m KND
Right Splits KickKazuya f+4 27 m
Tsunami KickKazuya WS+4,4 13,21 mm
Leaping Side KickKazuya f,f,f+3 30 m KND
Demon ScissorsKazuya 4~3 25 M KND
Windmill KickJun u/b+3 20 m JG
Windmill Kick to Tooth FairyJun u/b+3,2 20,25 mm JG
Ancient PowerUnique b+1+2 when attacked N/A N/A

#1 Hold F with the first punch for 7 damage.


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Bloody ScissorsAnna d/b+1+2 50  !
Burning Double KnuckleArmor King u/f+1+2~d 45 [!]
Jump to Burning Double KnuckleArmor King u/f,N+1+2~d 45 [!]
Dragon Power PunchWang b,b+1+2 100  !
Serpent's VenomUnique f,f+2 15,20 m,! #1
Deadly SliceKunimitsu b+2 22  !
Deadly SlashKunimitsu f,f,N+2 25  !
Killing BlowBruce b+2+3 60  !

#1 If the initial hit is blocked, the unblockable part can be evaded by sidestepping or back dashing.

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