Okizeme (起き攻め) is a term used in fighting games which refers to pressuring the opponent while they are getting up after being knocked down. Depending on the game, there are various possible options a player can make after being knocked down. In the Tekken series, the player can either roll backwards or forwards, ukemi, use a wake-up kick, perform a cross-chop or kip-up, or stand up.

The opposing player can predict the player's judgement and follow-up accordingly.


  • Okizeme is not actually a Japanese word but was popularized by fighting game enthusiasts. The term is a combination of the Japanese verbs Okiru (起きる) which means to wake-up and Semeru (攻める) which means to attack or strike. The verbs are conjugated and rendaku applies so the unvoiced consonant "s" becomes its voiced form "z".

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