Omen Corpse Hitter

Omen Corpse Hitter

Omen Corpse Hitter is a recoiling move from Tekken Tag Tournament that is part of Jin Kazama's movelist. Jin can only use this while he in his Omen stance. The Imput is 1+2.

The execution of the move is the same as the Corpse Thrust; however, it deals greater damage, is safe on block, has different properties, and is self-damaging.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2,  when paired with Devil Jin, can follow up with a Great Combo.

Damage Calculation

Inflicted damage

  • It deals a total of 31 points of damage, 28 at the moment of the hit, 3 when the crumple fall stun animation ends. The last 3 points of damage are not inflicted if the animation does not end, e.g. is 'interrupted' due to a juggle.
    • Against Kazuya, it deals a total of 41 points of damage, 32,3,3,3, respectively, and does not do an additional 3 points of damage at the end of the CFS animation.

Recoil damage

  • Jin will take 9 points of damage during the last part of the move animation, no matter if the hit connects, whiffs, or is blocked.
    • Against Kazuya, he will only take 7 points of damage.
  • If the move is blocked by Heihachi, Jin (opponent), or Devil, Jin's attack will be deflected and he will take no recoil damage.