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Omen Rising Uppercut

Omen Rising Uppercut (in the movelist as Omen to Rising Uppercut), also called Devil Jin Wind Godfist, is a move that can only be performed by Jin Kazama in Tekken Tag Tournament, and only while in Omen mode. Note that only a regular Rising Uppercut while in Omen mode will become an Omen Rising Uppercut. Performing an Electric Wind Godfist will simply end Omen mode.

Unlike a regular Rising Uppercut, the Omen Rising Uppercut always hits mid. Also, unlike with a regular Rising uppercut, the opponent will travel straight up on a counter hit as opposed to a large arch. Another minute difference is in the sound when the hit connects. The Omen Rising Uppercut sounds very much like the lash of a whip when the opponent is hit.

Damage calculation

There are several calculations made in regards to damage and recoil of the Omen Rising Uppercut, which all depends on what character Jin is playing against.

Inflicted Damage

  • If the hit connects, the base damage is 21.
  • On block, Jin inflicts 4 points of guard damage.
    • Against Kazuya and Jun the guard damage is 13.
  • Devil, Heihachi Mishima, and Jin Kazama (opponent), deflect the move on block and do not take any guard damage. The same applies to Unknown and Mokujin/Tetsujin when mimicking any of them.

Recoil Damage

  • Jin will take 19 points of damage when performing the move (3 when he initiates the move, 16 when he finishes it), whether he connects with the hit, whiffs, or it gets blocked.
  • If the move is deflected (by Devil, Heihachi, "opponent Jin", or the mimics mimicking any of them), the latter part of the move is interrupted, and Jin will therefor only take 3 damage for initiating the move.

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