One Two Body Blow, called One Two Smash (ワンツースマッシュ Wan Tsū Sumasshu) in Japan, is a move introduced in Tekken 5 as part of Bryan Fury's moveset, most likely because of the canonical return of Bruce Irvin, whose moves Bryan had used up til then. The final hit forces the opponent to go slightly off axis.

When to use

One Two Body Blow is a very basic string that can be used as part of Bryan's mixup game. Against a decently high-leveled turtle-style player, the 1,2 mixup game is however useless, especially if the first hit is blocked. One Two Body Blow has however still great value as part of Bryan's wall game after Splat.


  • Possibly due to incomplete coding, if One Two Body Blow is performed while standing perfectly aligned with a BT opponent, the opponent while get drawn closer to Bryan instead of being pushed away.

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