Pagoda Temple Stage

Pagoda Temple is a stage in Tekken 2. The fight takes place indoors, on the wooden-floored central area of the darkened temple, which has large stone statues and lit candles lining the walls. Open Shōji doors leading to a sunlit outdoor area are also visible in the background.

Background Music

Tekken 2 - Heihachi Mishima's Theme

Tekken 2 - Heihachi Mishima's Theme



  • This is Heihachi Mishima's stage.
  • The existence of Kazumi Mishima (Heihachi's wife) was alluded for the first time in this stage; their names ("Heihachi and Kazumi") are written on the floorboards in the style of Aiaigasa (a romantic expression to show love between couples).
    • The floor carving was later seen again in the very first trailer of Tekken 7 (where Kazumi made her canonical debut).
  • When playing as Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi will be the stage nine opponent and the theme of Kazuya's stage, Eternal Darkness, will play in place of the regular stage theme.