Parking Area is a stage in Tekken 4. As the stage's name suggests, the fight takes place in a lit parking lot area. A red and blue vehicle are parked near some pillars. There is also an exit with a glass door that cannot be walked on.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "Gym".

Tekken 4 - Gym (Car Park Stage)04:22

Tekken 4 - Gym (Car Park Stage)


  • Hwoarang and Jin Kazama fight here during Hwoarang's ending after he fights Heihachi Mishima since he did not encounter Jin during the tournament.
  • This stage is either a parking lot for a gym or takes place near a gym since the background music name is "Gym".
  • This can be the sixth stage in Story Mode.
  • The stage has a glitch where airborne characters can be infinitely juggled if they are against the convex mirror.

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