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Tekken 4 Hidden Move - Jin Kazama's Attack Reversal00:05

Tekken 4 Hidden Move - Jin Kazama's Attack Reversal

Power Stance + Attack Reversal

Power Stance, also called Three Battles Stance (三戦立ち sanchindachi) in Japan and Lingering Soul Omen in many Tekken communities, is a defensive move which also grants Ki Power used by Jin Kazama in Tekken 4 and onwards. To perform the move, Press Back+LP+RP


The effects of this stance are as follows; Jin will repel any attacks or grabs during the time his hands begin glowing and until the end of the move animation (any repelled attacks/grabs inflict minute damage to the attacker). After the move animation has ended, Jin will have Ki Power for roughly two seconds.

By pressing forward,Forward Back+RP+RK during the animation, Jin can perform an attack reversal. This was the only secret Omen move of Jin's to still remain in Tekken 6.

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