Tekken-tag-tournament-Julia vs Ling

Julia vs Xiaoyu in Practice Mode.

Practice Mode, also known as Training Mode, is a feature that is common in most Tekken games.


Practice mode is simply an opportunity to practice moves on a dummy. Players can practice and figure out combos, special attacks, etc., without the worry of a health bar, time limit or counterattacks. The player also has the option, from Tekken 3 onward, to set the opponents attack pattern, either fighting normally at a selected difficult level or repeating a certain attack, allowing players to practice blocking and countering these attacks. Practice Mode also provides the opportunity to practice a characters 10 Hit Combo's. After selecting a combo from the menu, the input will appear on screen as a guide to performing the move. A chime will indicate a button press, while the button in the sequence will light up to indicate a correct input. To provide further assistance, it is possible to have the computer pull off the move automatically, offering a visual example of how the move is executed and when to press the next button in the sequence.

Tekken 7

In the arcade, after inserting a coin, the player can play Practice Mode for five minutes before adding more coins to continue or end their session. After the enemy is hit, a bubble will be shown, showing where the enemy is hit. The bubble can either say, "High", which is red, "Medium" in Yellow, and "Low" in blue.