Pukku, called Malphas (マルファス/Marufasu) in Japan, is an attack used by Zafina. Its input is df+3,d+4. Performing only the first part of the input will put Zafina in Scarecrow Stance. Pressing down during the second part of the attack will leave Zafina in a crouching state.


  • In Sumeria, the pukku was a ring used to symbolize the sun god, as well as the world encircled by the sea.
  • According to the Lesser Key of Solomon, Malphas was the 39th demon captured and enslaved by Solomon, manifesting as a hoarse-voiced crow. He had the power to create great edifices, confuse the conjuror's enemies, and grant familiars. However, if the conjuror made the mistake of offering Malphas a sacrifice of any kind, he would receive it gladly, but then commence to deceive the conjuror in everything.

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