Quick Spin Kick, called Quick Sobat (クイックソバット kuikku sobatto) in the Japanese version, was introduced in Tekken 2 as part of Bruce Irvin's moveset, then moved to Bryan Fury's moveset in Tekken 3 due to Bruce's absence. However, while Bruce's second kick would launch the opponent, Bryan's could not.

In Tekken Tag Tournament, the two character would share the move, but with Bruce's canonical return in Tekken 5, he had lost his Quick Spin Kick in favor of Shut Out Kick.

When to use (Bryan Fury)

Quick Spin Kick may be okay to use by itself occasionally. It's real value is in the moves it can chain to and from.

When to use (Bruce Irvin)

Quick Spin Kick's chain moves aren't as diverse as those of Bryan Fury's, so it has more use in juggles.

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