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Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror, also known as Blazing Demon Fire Kick is a move used by Kazuya Mishima in all of his appearances in the Tekken games and also used by Street Fighter X Tekken Guest Kuro.

The input for this move is b+3,1,4,3. There is also another variation of this move called Demon's Wrath  with an input of b+3,1,4,1.

When to use

As a character that lacks the necessary tools to put pressure on an opponent, Kazuya only makes up his weakness with a few fast poking combos. The Reign of Terror and Demon's Wrath can be mixed up during close quarters combat, confusing the opponent as to whether the last attack will be a mid or a low.

The first two hits of both move lists can be used for mixing up combos, which in turn rewards the player with a lot of pain dished out against an opponent. A guaranteed combo mix-up for this could be WS 2, b+3,1, d/f 1, 2, f,N,d,DF+4,1.

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