Reverse Neck Throw is the name of a generic back throw originally used by a number of characters in Tekken 2, namely Baek, Bruce, Kazuya, Kunimitsu, Paul, Roger/Alex, and Wang. In Tekken 3, only Paul would retain this move. As of Tekken 6, this move is only used by Paul, Kazuya, and Roger Jr..

When facing the back of an opponent, this move will take precedence of any throw attempt, with the exception of special throws such as the Ultimate Tackle, Wang's Whirlwind Toss or Roger's Frankensteiner. Upon executing this move, the character will grab their opponent around the neck from behind, send them across the shoulder and slam them down hard on the ground.

Command: 1+3_2+4 (1+3 for Paul)

Damage: 40 (T2), 50 (T3)

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