Electric Wind Hook Fist

Electric Wind Hook Fist

Right Roundhouse Punch, also known as Right Hook (右回し突き Migi Mawashi-tsuki) in Japan, is a move used by Jin Kazama after having "unlearned" Mishima Style Fighting Karate and learned traditional Karate in its place, which happened shortly after Tekken 3. In most of Jin's move lists in the games it is called Electric Wind Hook Fist.


The move has an identical command input as Rising Uppercut, from Jin's previous moveset; (f,N,d,d/f+2) and inflicts 25 damage. Similarly to Rising Uppercut, this move also has a just-frame variation. If performed correctly, the air around Jin's torso will spark with red electricity and he will scream "DAH!". The sparks stay in place while Jin moves forward, meaning that the sparks will trail behind him when the move is complete. If the opponent blocks the move, their body will be covered by the currents of red electricity, but they will take no damage from it.

In Tekken 6 and onward, during the execution of the move the sounds of electricity would be heard when the red lightning is unleashed from his Right Roundhouse Punch.

In Street Fighter X Tekken, the move appears similar to his Demon's Paw. Jin would execute a powerful version of his Demon's Paw by landing a powerful straight thrust while embedded with red electricity to knock his opponent down, instead of using a right hook fist in the main games.

In Tekken (Mobile), this move became one of his Strike Waza Cards in all of his appearances.

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