Rising Sun, called Spiral Blade Assault Kick (螺旋襲刃脚/Rasen Shuujin Kyaku)is a move introduced in the first Tekken game, which, until Tekken 4, could be performed by every practitioner of Mishima Style Karate. Heihachi Mishima was never able to use the alternative command for Rising Sun, and as of Tekken 5, he lost the move completely. The input is uf+4,4.

Kazuya and Jin's versions of the low sweep (second hit) knocks the opponent onto their head, matching the Spinning Demon. The low sweep performed by Heihachi or Angel, and Kazuya in the first Tekken, only simply knocks them away like the first hit. Despite the first part of the move hitting Mid, it can be ducked, giving it the impression that it hits Special Mid (High).

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