Rolling Death Cradle
Command 1+3, 3+4, 2+4, 1+2, 1+2+3
Type Multi Chain Throw
Damage 110
Escape 2
Properties Breakable
Rolling Death Cradle, simply called Rolling Cradle (ローリング・クレイドル rōringu kureidoru) in Japan, is a move usable by King. It is commonly abbreviated as RDC.

Rolling Death Cradle is part of the Arm Breaker multi throw chain. The move starts with the Arm Breaker grapple/throw, in which King grabs the arm of the opponent and snaps it at the elbow. He then turns them around and snaps the opponents neck- this grapple is called the Chicken Wing Face Lock.

King then begins the Rolling Death Cradle. He trips up the opponent, so that he/she will land on King. Then, King, holding the opponent, rolls around, snapping many parts of the opponents body. While the throw can be broken at any part of the chain, it does a very large amount of damage if it connects (110 points of damage in Tekken 7- around ⅔ of a full health bar).

RDC is infamous because of the difficulty of completing the move successfully and the large amount of damage it deals. RDC is King's second most damaging chain throw behind Screwdriver.


King Rolling death cradle00:16

King Rolling death cradle

Rolling Death Cradle in Tekken 7

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