Kazuya performs the Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks.

The Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks is a move possessed by Kazuya Mishima since Tekken 2, and is later used by Jin Kazama (as of Tekken 3), Devil Jin (in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection) and all other characters using the Mishima Style Fighting Karate. The move deals a total of 53 damage overall.

Before Tekken 6, the move rarely could be fully used as the first hit knocked down the opponent and as result the first low kick would miss, but the rest of the string would connect, and if the first hit was instead blocked while standing, the second hit would connect and knock the opponent off their feet, leaving them vulnerable to the final kicks. Also, the move could be interrupted by blocking the low hit string of the move. However, since the revamp of this move in Tekken 6, where it also became unique to Kazuya, the move's hits cannot be interrupted by blocking.

When to use

Being a move with a successive amount of multiple hits, the roundhouse kicks are a good choice for amateur players who wish to inflict a respectable amount of damage to their opponents. However, during high-level play the roundhouse kicks can be very predictable due to its speed and obvious pattern, meaning this move is used only as a combo finisher against tall characters like King, Armor King, Jacks, Kuma/Panda, and any other buff male characters.


  • As the name implies, this move is essentially a chain of spinning kicks. The first kick hits high while the next two are low-hitting, and finally the last kick hits mid. This move, along with the Tsunami Kick, were probably inspired by the Street Fighter series, where Ryu, Ken, and Akuma perform a similar move, albeit with different properties.
  • The last two hits are the same as Devil Jin's animation for the Spinning Demon.
  • This move animation is a Rising Sun and a Spinning Demon combined (Devil Jin variant).