A list of the boss characters in the Scenario Campaign mode who have affinity elements when they begin to face Lars (or the character of his/her choosing), Alisa and Raven in their respective stages.

Boss Characters

Ling Xiaoyu - She is the boss character in Mishima Polytechnic and after she was attacked first by the player, she goes in a red aura. Her affinity is "Rage Mode".

Heihachi Mishima - He is the boss character in Mishima Estate where he waited the player and Alisa to fight them. Most of his moves are in Lightning damage. His affinity is Thunder.

Bruce Irvin - He is the boss character in G Security Service, Operations Headquarters as his kicks are embedded with fire. His affinity is Fire.

Kazuya Mishima - He is the boss character in the second half in G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport and Inside Azazel's Temple. After his secretary, Anna Williams and his men with the JACKs. He will arrived in the helicopter to face the player and Alisa. Later inside Azazel's Temple, he will wait for the player and Raven to fight them solely. His affinity is Thunder.

Nina Williams - She is the boss character in Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Subway Line and the first half of Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower before fighting her boss, Jin Kazama. Nina appears to join up with her Tekken Force soldiers in a train bout. Later, she appears to fight the player and Alisa solely in the Elevator stage, having survived her fall off the train. Her affinity is Ice.

Alisa Bosconovitch - She is the third boss character in Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower in the Gargoyle's Perch stage after the player and herself defeat her master, Jin Kazama. She was under Jin's control and allows herself to eradicate the player solely. Later in Azazel's Temple, She is seen along with the Tekken Force soldiers to fight the player and Raven. Most of her attacks are focused on chainsaws attacks, pulling her combos with her jetpacked wings and her Head Explosion as well as she can restore her health by her taunt when the player is focused on the mobs or the Tekken Force Soldiers. Her affinity is Ice.

Jin Kazama - He is the boss character in the Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower and the final boss in Scenario Campaign mode in Azazel's Temple. He fights in a red aura at the start of the match similar in his mid-boss arcade battle and fights the player and Alisa with the Tekken Force gunners in his stage, Gargoyle's Perch. Later as the final boss, he maintains a red aura as he charges himself in a yellow aura before executing his Devil's Beam at the player or Raven. He allows himself to pull his combo on the player or Raven. After executing his moves, he changes his default fighting stance to Kyokushin Stance against the player and Raven with all elemental damage. His affinity is "Rage Mode" and as the final boss, his affinity is "Rage Mode" with all elemental damage of Thunder, Fire and Ice.

Elemental Types

  • Rage Mode - The character will be in a red aura which increases damage to the opponent in one attack.
  • Thunder - He/she will paralyze with electric damage to the opponent in one attack.
  • Fire - He/she will make an intensive fire damage to knock the opponent down in one attack.
  • Ice - He/she will freeze and stun the opponent in one attack.

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