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Jin as the final boss while in Kyokushin Stance.

Scenario Campaign: The Final Boss is the last and final stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode where Jin and Tekken Force soldiers are fought in Azazel's Temple with Lars or (the character of his/her choosing) and Raven.

Jin as the Final Boss

Jin maintains his traditional karate moves with added attacks to his arsenal by using the Devil's Beam without transforming to his devil form to freeze and stun the player. It allows him to pull off his combos with a Right Roundhouse Punch, a Thrusting Uppercut, and a Demon's Paw to inflict 50% damage onto the player as well as Raven when his life points are low. Jin moves at an unbelievable pace to execute his moves and deal quick damage. 

He also maintains his affinity "The Rage Mode" as a boss character in Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower and now added with elemental damage with ice, lightning, and fire as seen when he executes his L.L.R.K and has fire embedded in his right leg. Some of his punches have lightning damage and the Devil's Beam freezes and stuns the player, allowing him to pull off his combos.

In the beginning of the fight, Jin retains his default fighting stance until the player attempts to attack him first. After executing his own moves, he then changes his stance into a "Kyokushin Stance" to fight the player and Raven.


To beat Jin as the final boss, hit him with a flamethrower along with the Tekken Force soldiers to beat or attack him before Jin executes his Devil's Beam. Then in the middle of the fight as more Tekken Force reinforcements arrive to aid him, his life points are cut in half. Beat the reinforcements with their moves before using the pipe stick. Once it is done, hit him with the pipe stick several times using the triangle button instead of the square button to avoid him from getting closer due to his speed. However, Jin is able to counter kick the player if they continue to use the pipe stick. The best way to avoid the counter is by dodging or side stepping; that way it allows them to beat him if he focuses on beating Raven.


  • Jin is able to switch fighting stances as a boss character as seen when he switches his stance into a "Kyokushin Stance" to the player and Raven. In Street Fighter X Tekken, Jin uses his Tekken 5 CGI stance as his default stance. After executing his moves, he is seen using his default fighting stance to his normal game counterpart before switching.
    • Jin shoots his Devil's Beam without transforming into his devil form is similar to Devil's ability in Tekken 2. In Street Fighter X Tekken, he displays this ability in mid-air while performing his Super Art in his semi-devil form.
    • Ironically, the Devil's Beam that he uses as a boss character is also the name of himself and Kazuya's Super Arts in Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • When Jin is selected as the playable character in the final boss fight in Scenario Campaign mode, he will fight himself as a boss character. In this case, he will fight his mirror self without his ability as a final boss while his mirror self has one.