King screw attack

King uses Elbow Sting on an airborne opponent, causing them to spin, or screw, onto the ground and allowing for a follow up attack.

Screw, known as Arial Tailspin (きりもみ kirimomi) in Japan, is a move property introduced in Tekken 7. It replaces the Bound system used in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. A screw move causes an airborne opponent to spin in the air and land on their backs with their legs pointing up. Using a screw attack allows the player to extend a juggle combo, similar to the purpose of the bound system.

Unlike bound, attacks screw attacks will not work next to walls and can't be used to cause floor breaks. The bound system still exists in Tekken 7 but far fewer moves cause bound states. However, as low parries still put the opponent into bound, the player can use screw attacks after low parrying an opponent to extend low parry combos further than in previous games. Just like how Bound is unable to be used again if used as a floor break, Screw is lost if the said move is used as a wall or balcony break.

Like bound, screw can only be activated once in a combo.