Seahorse Grand Hotel is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode. Christie Monteiro is fought here. Clearing this stage and defeating Christie will unlock her in Scenario Campaign and Arena mode. Many dancers that use Christie's fighting style are fought in this stage.


  • Long Haired Women (Both brown and blonde)
  • Ponytailed women (Brown only)
  • Shirtless men
  • Men in denim Jacket
  • Red armored men (only seen taking the left path)
  • Alien (only seen taking the right path)
  • Samba Dancers (only seen taking the right path and the final battle)
  • Brown Kangaroo (only seen taking the right path)
  • Sumo Wrestler (only seen taking the right path)
  • Claw Robots (final battle only)
  • Robot Guards (online co-op only)
  • Business Men (online co-op only)
  • G Corporation Soldiers (online co-op only)

Alisa's Journal

"Due to the proximity of the G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu, this area's inhabitants are exceedingly paranoid and suspicious. Suspicion has the ability to bind one into even more paranoia, rendering the individual incapacitated.

Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima must be using these people's fear to their advantage. Perhaps by stopping these two, we will be able to break the chains that bind this world as well".


  • The boss fight takes place at the Tekken 6 stage, Electric Fountain.
    • There is no boss battle music here; the music is Electric Fountain themed.
  • If one takes the path on the left, one would gain more points and discover a weapon.
  • Taking a path on the right at the start of the stage will cause the player to fight a lone kangaroo. Defeating the kangaroo and Christie will unlock the secret stage Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins.
    • If one decides to take the path on the right, one will discover an alien, samba dancers (who are not required to complete the stage. However, if the player wants to earn some extra points, they can fight them if they choose), and a kangaroo who, when defeated, will unlock a hidden stage.
    • Once the player has defeated all the enemies on the right path, backtrack to where the samba dancers had appeared earlier and strange enough, there will be a samba dancing sumo (this is considered an odd spectacle). Defeat him and he will drop a bunch of chickens and a Special Flag.
  • Many characters state that the Seahorse Grand Hotel and the tourist city is either very nice, they want to stay there, or they hope the war spares it.
  • This is the first stage in Tekken 6 Co-op version.
    • Christie is still fought as a boss here in the Co-op version.
    • In the Co-op version, the character will always be set to the path on the right, and instead of fighting to the Seahorse Hotel, they will backtrack to the very beginning of the stage and fight Christie.

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