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Side Step Elbow was introduced in Tekken 2 as part of Bruce Irvin's moveset. In subsequent games, with the absence of Bruce, it became a part of Bryan Fury's moveset, when he was introduced in Tekken 3 (the move had the same name, command, and animation). When Bruce reappeared in Tekken 5, the original move stayed with Bryan, and Bruce was given a new attack also named Side Step Elbow (Slice Elbow in the Japanese version), which had the same command as the original move, but a new animation.

Command: f+1+2 Damage: 21 (Bruce), 26 (Bryan)

When to use (Bryan)

The speed, or lack there of, makes this move easy to evade (simply by ducking), which renders it more or less useless in fights agains high-mid to pro players, but may be of use for surprising more inexperienced player who think they are out of range and thus let their guard down a little. However, the Side Step Elbow is a staple when it comes to closing the distance between Bryan and the opponent in juggles that uses the f,b+2 launcher.

When to use (Bruce)

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