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Sirius-Style Exorcism Sorcery (シリウス流祓魔術 ''Shiriusu-ryū Harai Majutsu") refers to the fictional magic-based discipline used by Claudio Serafino.


This discipline is magic-based and is hallmarked by the use of the holy power of Sirius which manifests itself as blue flames or blue-colored wave of energy. This supernatural element is seemlessly combined with flamboyant strikes and kicks to amplify combos and add additional damage.

Real-Life Inspiration

While this discipline is fictional, some of the moves used in this style pays homage to pop culture references such as the wave of blue energy released as an arrow during Claudio's Rage Art being a reminiscent of Quincy Heilig Pfeil from the manga and anime series Bleach.

The Sirius part in the name of this discipline is named for the brightest system of stars in the Earth's sky.


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