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Slash Kick, called Slicer (スライサー Suraisā) in Japan, was introduced in Tekken 2 as part of Bruce Irvin's moveset, returning in Tekken 3 as part of Bryan Fury's moveset. Since Tekken 4, players could delay Bryan's version the move (by holding 3) which would add more damage and a Guard Break property.

When to use

Slash Kick pushes a guarding opponent away, meaning there is little chance for retaliation. Experienced players probably won't be caught by a delayed Slash Kick, but it would be a good idea to use this move during a good mix-up, so that the opponent is caught in a crouching (or otherwise off-guard) position.


  • After a delayed Slash Kick connects with the opponent, Bryan will automatically do his taunt unless the user cancels it by pressing a button.
  • While Bryan can perform a delayed Slash Kick by holding 3 down, Bruce cannot do the same.

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