Sokushitsu Goda

Sokushitsu Goda: a powerful whiff punisher

Command b+1 (TK4)
b+1,2 (TK6-present)
Stance -
Damage 44
Hit Range -
Properties none
Move Frames Hit Advantage
12 -
Block Advantage CH Advantage
- -
Sokushitsu Goda is a move unique only to Kazuya Mishima. This move was derived from his original move Skull Splitter, which is introduced during his return in Tekken 4 with an input of b+1. In Tekken 6 where the majority of his move lists had been given a buff, this move transitioned into a two-hit combo with an input of b+1,2. The move runs at 12 frames per second and deals a total of 44 damage on clean hit.

When to use

Being a character that excels in the punishing department, Kazuya handles whiffs and opponent errors easily with its fast high-damaging pokes and launchers with decent solid damage, and his Sokushitsu Goda is one of the reasons why opponents fear being near his hit range. Not only does it punish the opponent's error, but it also wall-splats the opponent as well, perfect for setting up some of Kazuya's damaging wall combos.

The player can dish out this move whenever an opponent fails to hit them with his lows, as well as when he/she had attacked them with moves that have slow recovery.


  • The art of Shotokan Karate where striking techniques are trained to unleash unstoppable power is evident in all of Kazuya's move lists. Examples of the moves used by him are Sokushitsu Goda, Double Back Fist, Agony Spear, Kumo Kiri, Demon's Wrath, and many more.