Omen Right Roundhouse Punch00:07

Omen Right Roundhouse Punch

Soul Rage Right Roundhouse Punch, also called Omen Wind Hook Fist, is a secret move introduced in Tekken 4 for Jin Kazama and appeared in other Tekken games, and can only be performed when imbued with Omen power from performing Lingering Soul Omen.

The Soul Rage Right Roundhouse Punch can be considered a makeshift Electric Wind Hook Fist, as Soul Rage Right Roundhouse Punch has all the same properties of a CH EWHF. However, because it is imbued with Omen power, just-frame inputting is not necessary.

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the properties of Soul Rage Right Roundhouse Punch changed to further distingish it from a regular Wind Hook Fist by letting it become a launcher that could be juggled from.

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