Spear of Alû, called Fragarach (フラガラッハ Furagarahha) in Japan, is an attack used by Zafina. Its input is b+2+3. It is unblockable and will knock the opponent back in a double over stun state.


  • Alû is a Sumerian demon with no mouth or ears. Similar to the Roman nightmare, it would possess people while they slept and give them nightmares, sometimes trapping them in comas.
  • In Irish myth, Fragarach was a god-forged sword often wielded by great heroes. Even apart from the threat of death, no one could tell a lie while Fragarach touched their throats, and the wielder had full command over the winds. Its keenness was such that it could slice through walls, and wounds inflicted by it would never heal.

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