Heihachi performs the classic Spinning Demon.

The Spinning Demon, also known as Hell Sweeps (奈落払い Naraku Barai) in the Japanese versions, is one of Heihachi Mishima's move sets. It's command input is f,N,d,DF (hold) +4,4,4. Unlike Kazuya's or Devil Jin's, Heihachi's Spinning Demon move can be mixed up by modifying the command inputs.


  • As with all mentioned differences as to how the Mishimas perform similar moves in a uniquely different way, the Spinning Demon is also a no exception. For example, Heihachi can access this move by pressing down f,N,d,DF (hold) +4,4,4, while Kazuya performs this move with the command f,N,d,DF+4,4 or f,N,d,DF+4,1 for the other variation of the Spinning Demon (or f,N,D/F+4,4 and f,N,D/F+4,1 to reduce move frames in the case of Kazuya).

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