Stagger Kick, called Alley Kick (アリキック/Ari Kikku) in Japan, is an attack introduced in the first game in the Tekken series.

The move was first used by King with the input f+4,4,4 while crouching, and returned in Tekken 2 with the input d+3+4,4,4. If it hits as a counter hit, an extra 4 input can be used to extend the attack, and if the player very quickly enters 2,1,3 as the extra hit lands, King will grab the opponent in a powerful Octopus Special, typically leading to an instant K.O.

In later games (from Tekken 5 onward), it becomes a part of Roger Jr.'s moveset with the input WR 4,4,4, an input that serves as an optional input for King II.