Command f,F+1+2
Stance Stand
Damage 33
Hit Range High
Properties Knockdown
Move Frames Hit Advantage
{{{Frames}}} {{{Hit}}}
Block Advantage CH Advantage
1+2 to escape {{{CH}}}
Stonehead, called Super Headbutt (超ぱちき Chō Pachiki) in the Japanese version, is one of the signature throw of the Mishima Style Fighting Karate , available to all practitioners.

Roger, Alex, Kuma I & II and Panda have their own variant of this throw called "Headbutt" (Bear Headbutt, ベアぱちき bea pachiki) in the Japanese version.


The performer grabs with their left arm the opponent by the neck, rise their left knee and head, then let a small Kiai (Dah! in the case of Devil Jin)after this the performer bashes their head and knee against the enemy's, knocking them on the ground.

This throw has existed since the first game in the Tekken series. Only the Mishima Style Fighting Karate practitioners use the name Stonehead. The move is spelled Stone Head in the US and EU versions of Tekken 2. The input is f,F+1+2; the escape input is 1+2.

Two variations of Stonehead exist: Heihachi's Headbutt Carnival and the Devil Stonehead.



  • In Tekken 2, the Stonehead is an inescapable throw, yet the seemingly identical Headbutt by Kuma, Roger and Alex can be escaped.
  • Despite not using the martial art, Lars Alexandersson has a move that look similar to the Stonehead, known as SHB.
    • Doctor Bosconovitch also has a move which is the same as the Stonehead, known as the Brain Shaker. The difference between the two is that Brain Shaker has Doctor B. stagger backwards before falling.