Heihachi crushes down the opponent's disposition with the use of the Subjugator.

The Subjugator, also known as Celestial Surrender is a move used by Heihachi Mishima in his appearances on the Tekken series. The command input is b~f+2,2. He also has another version of this move called Tenma Destroyer. During the animation, Heihachi will perform an unseeable right elbow strike, followed by a low-hitting hammer punch that sends the opponent into crouching position.

When to use

The Subjugator along with the Tenma Destroyer can be used as poking tools whenever the opponent fails to successfully block mid-hitting moves. While the Tenma Destroyer can knock down the opponent and can wall-splat on hit, the Subjugator on the other hand can only force the opponent to crouch, which in turn can provide Heihachi with some solid frame advantage.

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