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Subterranean Pavilion is a stage in the Scenario Campaign mode present in Tekken 6.

Mokujin is fought here as a boss, clearing this stage will also unlock him. Some dummies can be fought here while doing some other moves. Falling crates would fall so the player should be careful. At the floor break area, the floor will break several times until they reach the boss battle.

Trophy/achievement: Wooden Warrior.


  • Regular Dummies (looks like the real Mokujin but not the real boss)
  • Silver Dummies
  • Mossy Dumies
  • Gold Dummies
  • Red Armored Guys
  • Claw Robots
  • Regular Ninjas (online co-op only)
  • Robot Guards (online co-op only)
  • Samba Dancers (online co-op only)


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