Suplex, called Brain Buster (ブレンバスター/Buren Basutaa) in Japan, is a move which has been around since the first Tekken game, where it was exclusive to King I and Armor King I.

In Tekken 2, King's version of the move was made faster by simply tossing the opponent over the back rather than holding them up. In both cases, this move leaves your character in the "play dead" position after execution. In Tekken, this move had a guaranteed low sweep follow-up, which would combo for an extra 20 damage, and was often used by the CPU as well.

Armor King retained the original, slower Suplex, and starting with the PlayStation version of Tekken, he also received a follow-up to this move, called the Jumping Pile Driver. King II took over the Tekken 2 version of this move in Tekken 3 and later games. Additionally, King I and II have a German Suplex in their Reverse Arm Slam Combo.

Other characters also have moves based on different styles of the Suplex. Michelle and Julia Chang also have two standard throws called the Waist Suplex and Knee Suplex. A back throw, the Behind Back Suplex, was introduced in Tekken via a special move performed by Michelle and Wang; Julia also received this move in Tekken 3. A standalone version of this back throw first appeared in Tekken 2, given to Michelle, and also Jun Kazama.

Its input is 2+4, with an escape input of 2.

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