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To request a right, you must follow the upcoming requirements:

Chat operator

  • On chat daily to weekly.
  • At least 50+ quality edits.
  • Active for one month.
  • No kickban or block record.


  • At least 100+ quality edits.
  • Must be active for at least three weeks.
  • Never have a block history (one block is acceptable, if it's not as bad or blocked by mistake.)


  • Patrols recent changes daily to weekly.
  • At least 150+ quality edits.
  • Active for six weeks.
  • No block record.

Counter-Vandalism Unit

  • At least 300+ quality edits.
  • No block history.
  • Active in counter-vandalism work.


  • At least 300+ quality edits.
  • Active for two months.
  • Must have no block history.


  • At least 1500+ quality edits.
  • Must be active for at least five months (twenty weeks).
  • Must not have a block history.
  • Should be able to help other users at the best of his/her ability.
  • Should understand how to use administrative tools.


  • At least 3000+ quality edits.
  • Must be an active administrator.
  • Must understand how to use bureaucrat rights.
  • A user will only be promoted to bureaucrat if all the active bureaucrats agree.

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