Tackle is a move that all Tekken characters have, it can be used by running 10 - 18 steps into an enemy or by input while standing; it can be followed up with hard blows/punches. It is possible for a character to tackle a character from the back or front and it is also possible if they are in the Guard position. Some characters can do tackles by pressing another button combination listed in the Command List as well.

In Tekken and Tekken 2, tackling does no damage and only serves as a way of bringing down an enemy.

Some characters can pull off a string of unique moves while the opponent is tackled, such as King, Nina WilliamsPaul Phoenix, Craig Marduk and Sergei Dragunov.

Other characters have their own tackle to bring down the enemy with a flurry of punches such as Kazuya, Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin. Jin Kazama can break his opponent's neck after dealing a flurry of punches while his opponent is tackled.


Most tackles can be avoided with "2", and overturned with "1+2". The later punches can be avoided with corresponding limbs during first and fourth punch.

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