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Tekken 2 (Music) is the soundtrack to Tekken 2. Some of the songs on the game were re-used from the previous game, Tekken. There are 13 brand new songs and the rest are recycled songs. The only song that did not make it onto the soundtrack was Venezia. The album cover has 3 alternate covers; this one features Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima on the album cover.

Track Listing 

Track 1 Tekken 2 Attract Movie Soundtrack 0:21
Track 2 Fighter Select 0:43
Track 3 Michelle Chang - Spirited Female Warrior 2:08
Track 4 Yoshimitsu - Bionic Space Ninja 2:07
Track 5 King - Beast Priest 2:31
Track 6 Lei Wulong - Super Police 2:23
Track 7 Nina Williams - Silent Assassin 2:17
Track 8 Marshall Law - Legend of Dragon Reborn 1:57
Track 9 Paul Phoenix - Hot Blooded Warrior 2:10
Track 10 Jack2 - Super Killing Weapon 3:09
Track 11 Jun Kazama - Ecological Fighter 2:35
Track 12 Baek Doo San - Killing Hawk 1:59
Track 13 Heihachi Mishima - King of the Iron Fist 2:34
Track 14 Middle Boss 2:23
Track 15 Kazuya Mishima - Devil Kazuya 2:17
Track 16 Ending BGM 1:22
Track 17 Sound FX Box

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