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The Tekken 6 Global Championship Final (鉄拳6世界大会 Tekken 6 Sekai Taikai) was the largest Tekken tournament to ever take place.  It was sponsored by Namco Bandai Games and had two main categories: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The finals were held in Tokyo, Japan and two winners out of each category were chosen.

Japan Round

The finals were officially known as the Japan Round. They were held at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan on March 7, 2010. Each console category would have 4 finalists; two of which would become the 1st and 2nd place winners.


PlayStation 3/PSP

  • 1st place Winner - DaRK_PRInCE (LAW) - Malaysia(Penang)
  • 2nd place Winner - Yuu/ユウ (Feng) - Japan

Other Finalists:

  • Zeugaru (Bob) - Japan
  • chetchetty (Paul) - America
  • aris - America
  • Gen1us - France
  • STEVE88 - Italy

Xbox 360

  • 1st place Winner - Nin (Steve)
  • 2nd place Winner - Boradoldol (Baek)

Other Finalists:

  • Nobi/ノビ (Dragunov) - Japan
  • Nin-Nin/にんにん (Yoshimitsu) - Japan
  • MrNaps - America
  • Insanelee - America
  • lucho_83cor - Sweden


1st Place Prize

  • A trip around the world

2nd Place Prize

  • A home theatre system

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